Reading Wrap-up: June 2017 Edition

I know I said last month that I wanted to be a bit more active here on the blog.  Whoops.  Only two posts for all of June.  Even this reading wrap-up is coming out later than normal.  I swear I will one day come up with a posting schedule and stick to it.  One day.

But now, for what I read in the month of June:

Technically speaking, I only got through one novel in its entirety.  Though I did manage to read the vast majority of a nearly-700-page monstrosity, so that almost counts as two.  But I’ll include that in my July wrap-up once I’ve actually finished it.  So the one and only novel I finished in the month of June is…

Within the Sanctuary of Wings by Marie Brennan.  I’m sure none of you are surprised by this, as I’ve been mentioning this series ad nauseum for several months now.  But now the series is done and I had a serious case of book hangover after finishing it – which is partly why it was the only book I was able to finish in June.  I’ve hyped up this book series enough in my previous wrap-ups, so I won’t repeat myself.  Give them a read.  They are definitely worth your time.

And that’s it!  That’s all she wrote (er, read).  Until next time, everybody!


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