Reading Wrap-up: March 2017 Edition

It’s that time again, folks!  Another month gone means more books read.  In the month of March, I completed three books: Continue reading


Among the Stars

“Commander Cassie, we’ve made contact!”

Cassie looked up from her makeshift repair job on the wing of her ship.  The landing into the alien atmosphere had done a number on the vessel, and the wing, normally straight as a rail, had bent upward at a ninety-degree angle with a large tear near the tip.  Cassie had managed to beat the wing more or less back into shape, but the tear proved harder to repair.  Luckily, after foraging through their dwindling supply cache, she had found one last roll of All-Purpose Binding Strips.  Those babies could hold anything together.  The ship might not look pretty, she thought, but it would fly.  It had to, in the event that contact with the native inhabitants of the planet went awry.

Which, given the history of past expeditions, was a definite possibility.

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