Because the internet needs another blog, don’t you think?

Hello!  Welcome to my blog.

(Yes, I am attempting a blog.  What kind of self-respecting millennial would I be if I didn’t post my thoughts and writings all over the internet?  An utter disgrace to all twenty-somethings, that’s what.)

But in all seriousness, I really do enjoy writing.  For all of 2016, some friends and I participated in a self-imposed writing challenge, with a new piece due every week based off of a shared prompt.  Prior to taking up that challenge I had never been a particularly disciplined writer, at least in terms of writing consistently, and on a schedule.  The fact that I did not miss a single deadline during the entire year is a great source of pride for me – with the added perk that it got me into the habit of sitting down at my computer (or with a pen and journal) and letting flow whatever ideas came to me.  Even when life was busy and chaotic.  Even when it seemed the whole world was falling apart (I’m looking at you, Election Day 2016).

I’d like to continue that habit now that 2017 has finally rolled around.  That, and the habit of sharing my work with others.  The challenge helped mitigate some of the blinding anxiety that comes with sharing something you’ve made, and I’d like to continue that trend.

Thus the existence of this blog.  It will probably be some combination of short stories, poems, and various ramblings of one kind or another.  I’m not too sure of the particulars myself yet.

But whatever it ends up being, I hope you enjoy!


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